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Tina Yamout is a singer-songwriter, composer and music producer from Beirut, Lebanon. Recognized for her authenticity, empowering lyrics and captivating melodies, Tina is marking the mainstream music industry with an edgy modern dimension on traditional Arabic pop music.


Launching her acclaim from the regional hit TV show Star Academy Arabia, her bold songwriting and distinct stage presence has set her apart in the music industry as an genuine all-rounded artist,  collaborating with local and international stars including Chris De Burgh  and Ziad Rahbani. 


Achieving over 150,000 followers and subscribers on social media channels and digital streaming platforms as an independent artist,  Tina’s content has accumulated over 5 million streams worldwide since 2018.


Bridging both worlds Western and Arab in production and composition, Tina sets her mark upon the Arabic pop music scene with a signature sound familiar to both Arab and International audiences of world music alike.

“Music is how I channel those intricate contradictory moments and behaviors that make us human.” Tina’s belief is that Arabic music has vast potential to grow and push boundaries globally. “Our culture is rich in rhythm and melody, and language was never a barrier with music; I aspire to play a role in growing our music and culture internationally. It would make many of our generations proud to see their own accomplish that with authenticity.”

Tina's regard and support to music education has been significant throughout her journey. "I believe in paying it forward. If I can play a role in passing on the knowledge, the passion, the magic of music to younger and older generations, then I consider my time well-spent towards this gift I've been given," Tina says as she elaborates on her support for education. With a 7-year experience in academic elementary teaching in IB PYP Performing Arts and almost a decade of private vocal coaching, Tina continues to give back, currently teaching several classes in the United Arab Emirates, where she currently resides.

Tina’s belief is that Arabic music has vast potential to grow and push boundaries globally. She is set to make a significant impact upon the music scene regionally and internationally.

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