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Singer  |  Songwriter  |  Composer  |   Producer 

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Tina Yamout – Matloub (Official Video)
Tina Yamout – Ilit Ismi [Official Music Video] | تينا يموت - قلت إسمي
TINA YAMOUT - KAN ASDI [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (2019) | تينا يموت - كان قصدي
TINA YAMOUT - RAQISNI [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (2018) | تينا يموت - رقصني
TINA YAMOUT - MAMNOU3 [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (2018)   |  تينا يموت - ممنوع
Jabal - Tina Yamout, Menon, Raben, Swerte (Prod by Big Moe)
TINA YAMOUT –JEET LAANDAK [Arabic cover of Drivers License 2021] | تينا يموت -جيت لعندك
TINA YAMOUT – SA7EB KELMI [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (2021) | تينا يموت - صاحب كلمة




Lebanese singer, songwriter, composer, and music producer, Tina Yamout captivates audiences with her unique blend of soulful pop and heartfelt ballads. A powerful voice that resonates raw emotion, Tina has carved a niche for herself, embodying freedom, vulnerability and strength in her artistic expression.


With her debut hit singles, Mamnou3 and Kan Asdi achieving over 3 million streams worldwide, Tina emerged as a rising star in the regional independent music scene as one of the first artists to have pioneered the trend of crossover sound.


Tina Yamout’s genre of music defies conventional labels, weaving together elements of pop, R&B, and middle eastern sounds. Bridging both worlds Western and Oriental in production and composition, Tina sets her mark upon the Arabic pop music scene with a signature sound familiar to both Arab and International audiences of world music alike. Through her lyrics and performances, she strives to inspire individuals to find their inner strength, overcome obstacles, and embrace their true potential. Her songs often touch upon themes of self-discovery, resilience, and love, resonating with a diverse audience who can relate to the universal struggles and triumphs of the human experience.


Launching her acclaim from the regional hit TV show Star Academy Arabia, her bold songwriting and distinct stage presence has set her apart in the music industry as an authentic all-rounded artist. Tina’s live performances are nothing short of enchanting, having shared stages with renowned musicians including Chris De Burgh and Ziad Rahbani, performed her originals at the Dubai Opera, and headlined The Emigala stage for two consecutive years.


With each new release, Tina unveils a deeper layer of her musical boldness, surprising and delighting her fans. Her promise of growth lies in her relentless pursuit of sonic innovation, her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, and her unwavering desire to touch hearts and souls with her music.



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